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Hi, my name is Jason Stapleton and I believe 90% of what’s taught about entrepreneurship is wrong.

We are living through the greatest cultural and economic transition in human history. A period of radical change that is disrupting every part of our lives.

This new world is challenging old ideas about wealth, work and what it means to live a fulfilled life.

Thriving in this new world means abandoning long-held beliefs and accepted “truths” that no longer apply in our modern economy.

If you ask most entrepreneurs why they started their business they will tell you:

  1. To have more freedom & autonomy
  2. To work on things they are passionate about.

Most of the books you read from business ‘experts’ tell you the key to success in business is “scaling up”, hiring people to do most of the work for you so “you can work on your business instead of in your business.”

But this formula rarely results in more time freedom. And unless your passion is running a large company it doesn’t allow you the opportunity to do work you enjoy.

That’s why I think we’ve got entrepreneurship wrong. 

Instead, I advocate for something called Entrepreneurial Minimalism.

Entrepreneurial Minimalists’ believe a business should support your lifestyle, not become your life. We put time freedom and income mobility ahead of growth.

We don’t care about vanity metrics like how much revenue you made or how many employees you have.

We measure success by how much Time Freedom a business provides.  

My mission is to help entrepreneurs build a business that provides them more time freedom and income mobility.


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