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Hi, my name is Jason Stapleton and I believe the best products and companies should win. Period. Unfortunately that won’t be the case for many companies.
Our world is now at the beginning of a great cultural and economic transition. One that will revolutionize the way we live, work and connect with one another.
Much of this change will be good, adding to our lives in ways we don’t yet understand. But it will cost many people their careers.
As artificial intelligence and automation become more common, millions will find themselves unemployed. Hardworking people with families to feed who lack the skills to thrive in this new economy.
The ONLY way to stay ahead of this transition is to:
  1. Improve ones human capital by acquiring both rare and specialized skills.
  2. Controlling the source of your income through entrepreneurship and investment.
  3. Create income mobility by focusing on work you can do from anywhere on earth.
My mission is to equip men and women with the skills necessary to start and scale businesses. Businesses that provide the autonomy and mobility to thrive in this new economy.


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