The 4 Parts of a Great Personal Brand

4 primary things define you and your personal brand. If you get them right you’ll stand out as someone of authority who’s worthy of attention.

If you get them wrong you’ll wander the internet in obscurity.

So today I want to teach you how to develop the 4 parts of your personal brand.

First let’s list them out:

  1. Your Opinion

  2. Your Mission

  3. Your Method

  4. Your Personality

Now let’s break down each of them.

Your Opinion

This is your point of view, or what I call a TPOV or ‘Transformational Point of View’.

This is your unique perspective on the world and your industry. You can’t create a brand by being a copycat of someone else. Your ideas and opinions must transform your audience’s understanding and set you apart as distinctly different.

If you’re not sure how to create a TPOV start by looking at your industry and writing down all the bad advice, outdated ideas and misconceptions there are.

Then ask yourself what needs to change for those things to go away. That’s often all it takes to create a unique TPOV.

Your Mission

Your mission is your “reason why”. It connects directly to your TPOV and explains why you’re you do what you do and who you do it for.

People need to believe you have a mission bigger than just the money. That’s not hard for most of my clients because they’re so passionate about what they do.

But you still need to share your mission with your audience.

Your Method

This is the unique process you use to get results for your clients. That’s what people pay for. Not your skills or your time They pay for a result.

The more jaded or mature your market, the more important it is for your method of getting results be seen as different and unique.

Your Personality

This is the final piece of a great personal brand. It’s also the one most novice brand builders start with.

A lot of people will tell you to “be authentic”. While that’s true, I recommend thinking about your personality more like a caricature of who you are.

We’ve all been to a carnival and seen someone get their picture drawn by a caricature artist. They accentuate certain features to make the person more interesting.

That’s what I suggest you do with your personality. Decide what traits you want to be known for and then accentuate them.

I go into detail on how to do all of this in the Personal Branding Track of our Leverage Program.

This particular training is found in Module 3 and it’s called “Your Origin Story”.

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To be Continued…


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