5 Rules for Writing Emails That Make You Money

Writing is not something that comes naturally to me.

I built my first business using video because my writing was unreadable.


Terrible grammar…

Run-on sentences…

Wrong word choice (affect vs. effect)…

I told myself it didn’t matter. That I was making money without being a good writer.

But in 2019 I decided to make a change.

I was tired of being on camera…

Tired of webinars and video sales letters. I wanted to sit down, write an email, and make money. Period.

So I committed the year to writing. I wrote every day.

I read books like “Writing Tools” by Roy Peter Clark.

And “Writing that Works” by Ken Roman & Joel Raphaelson.

I realized writing wasn’t difficult. I was making it difficult.

Those high school English classes I hated had pushed me away from writing.

Had I known then what I know now I might have become an author much earlier in life.

So here are my 6 Rules for Writing Emails That Make You Money

– Make your writing clear – Get to the point you want to make.

I could say, “When you write, do it in a way that solidifies in the minds of your reader exactly what you want to say in clear, conscience language.”

Or I could say, “Make your writing clear.”

2 – Use short paragraphs, short sentences and small words – All of my emails follow this advice.

I try to write at a 5th-grade level. I don’t follow traditional paragraph breaks or sentence structure.

I use ellipsis like this…

To carry the reader down the page.

Grammar nazis will complain but I don’t care. I want my emails to sell. So I make them easy to read.

3 – Avoid vague language – Instead of, “I was a few minutes late.” Say, “I was 12 minutes late”

Instead of, “Nearly $10,000” say, “$9,982”

Clarity creates trust and confidence with your reader. And a reader with clarity and confidence will buy.

4 – Make your writing active and personal – This is a simple change that makes a massive difference.

“The client should be told what to do.” vs. “Tell the client what to do” ”It is recommended” vs. “I recommend.”

Check your writing for active vs. passive voice. You’ll be surprised how often you use passive voice in an attempt to sound smart.

5 – Write like you would speak. In simple, down-to-earth language – This was the biggest one for me. I thought writing was a highly technical process that required a college-level understanding of the English language.

When all I needed to do was read my emails out loud when I finished writing them.

Most people read like they speak. So when you write like you speak it’s easier for the reader to understand what you’re saying.

Give these 5 rules a try in your next email…

And be on the lookout next week for more great writing tips as I prepare for my next workshop…

“Email Income Crash Course: How to Write Personality-Driven Emails for Maximum Influence and Maximum Profit.”

To be continued…


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