657: Dissecting the White Privilege of Americas Mass Shooters

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If you can believe it, there are actual conversations going on in America today over the unfair portrayal of white mass shooters as “lone wolves.”

Now before you dismiss this as progressive nonsense, I think some things need discussing. For example, does the media treat whites who commit atrocities differently than Muslims?

Are they more willing to forgo assumptions about the intentions of white offenders than that of blacks?

Today I’m going to give you my thoughts and bring in a decent article from theroot.com. I hope that it opens up your mind and allows you to ask yourself some compelling questions.

We’re also going to talk tax policy. This Republican tax proposal is getting stupider by the day. The most frustrating thing to me is that people are actually choosing up sides in what will essentially be no change to the current tax code.

Great show today. Rich, and compelling. 🙂


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