609: Is Comey Headed to Jail?

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A newly declassified order from the FISA court reveals the Obama administration routinely conducted “widespread” illegal searches of American citizens and the FBI routinely shared “raw FISA information” on American citizens with “private contractors.”

Comey was the head of the FBI at the time and had to be aware of the information sharing that was happening.

So what now? Don’t hold your breath for a prosecution. Comey is part of the system, a system that loves illegally spying on American citizens. Comey needs to survive so the system can survive.

Now that John Boehner is out of office he is apparently able, to tell the truth. At KPMG’s annual Global Energy Conference he said, “Tax reform is just a bunch of happy talk.”

The market certainly wouldn’t agree. They have priced in some major tax overhauls. What do you think is going to happen when those tax changes don’t come through?

I’ve also got a little Q&A session set up for today. I’ll answer some of your most interesting questions in the back half of the show.

No show on Money, have a great Holiday.


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