610: A Discussion on Wealth, Hard Work, and the Role Luck Plays in Success

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Does getting rich have more to do with luck rather than talent?

Certainly, you can have two people who work hard their whole lives, take chances and commit themselves fully to their own success yet one man may end up wealthy and the other in poverty.

What makes the difference? An article out of BBC.com claims getting rich isn’t about hard work or talent at all. The author Danny Dorling claims it’s all about luck…

…and that’s why you aren’t entitled to what you earn.

I think you know where I come down on this line of thinking but you may not know why.

More importantly, you may have trouble explaining your position to others without coming off sounding like a heartless, self-serving, elitist.

Today I’m going to walk you through the claims made by progressives and socialists that claim luck is the only reason people amass vast fortunes. It’s nothing more than a clever way to disguise their own envy and greed.



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