623: Norway Offers a “Voluntary” Tax. It Did Not Go Well

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That’s right, after outrage over a recent tax cut politicians have made it easy to pay more taxes if you feel you’re not receiving a firm enough rooting from the government.

To date, they have brought in the equivalent of $1,325.

You see, most people feel like the taxes they pay are far too high or at least high enough. It’s only the other guy doing a little better than we are who are not paying his “fair share.”

MiConnell is all but admitting they aren’t going to get a repeal done on Obamacare. But here’s one thing in the article from CNBC that gives us some insight on what the narrative is going to be moving forward.

The results are in over our debate about CNN’s ratings. Tune in to find out who was right. (as if there was ever any doubt.)



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