642: Tom Woods Opens Up About the LP, Nicholas Sarwark and the Future of Our Movement

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Talking with Tom is always a pleasure, and this interview was no exception.

I wanted to talk with Tom about the current state of the Libertarian Party, the recent attacks he’s been getting from Nicholas Sarwark the parties current chair and I wanted to find out from him what he thought needed to happen for our message to grow.

Tom was in rare form. I expected him to respond in his typical “water off a duck’s back” dismissal. Tom has always been gracious even when attacked.

Today was different. I felt like the comments from Sarwark struck a nerve and he made no bones about how he felt.

In the end, I came away feeling the way I always do after a conversation with Tom. I was inspired, empowered and hopeful that with men like him behind the microphone, preaching the liberty message we may just find a way to win.


P.S. Here’s where to get Tom’s free books!

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