651: This Time It’s Different…Really.

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Great article out of Zero Hedge today covering the current pension crisis in America. If you’ve listened to this show for any length of time, you know the public pension system is wrecked. But this article really went into detail about how it all might shape out in the end. Let’s just say it’s not a rosy picture. Like Mauldin says, “There are no good choices anymore.”

I’ve got a lot of social stuff in the stack today. I want to talk a little about Brown University’s decision to start segregated dinners after the recent clash with White Nationalists.

Depending on who you listen to you’ll get very different opinions on this. I’d like to give you a practical one.

We’ll also discuss the Republicans attempt to revive their Obamacare lite proposal. What can I say, read the fine print. Headlines rarely tell the full tale.

Great show today, thanks for listening and tell a friend! 🙂


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