667: Comprehensive Tax Reform? Republicans Claim Extraordinary Accomplishment

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I always love listening to politicians talk about bills they’re championing. You’d think everything they did was a monumental achievement that was changing the course of human existence and improving the lives of every American.

It’s all B.S. Half the time the things they’re taking credit for are just ideas and the other half of the time they’re lying about what they’re really doing.

Take the current tax bill the Senate is voting on. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is calling it an “extraordinary accomplishment.”

Is it? Hardly. What the Republicans have created is a budget that ads 1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit, reduces the tax burden to corporations and high earners while doing nothing for the middle class.

You may think I sound like a Democrat, and maybe today I do, but this bill is garbage. Taxation is theft. If you’re going to reduce the theft, I’m all for it, but do it equally so everyone benefits and don’t cut taxes only to borrow the difference and lay it on our children and grandchildren.

Republicans produced a turd, and they’re trying to convince you it’s a diamond. Don’t be fooled.


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