674: Employment in America – How to Position Yourself to Get Hired, Stay Hired and Move Up

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I’ve decided to do a short show today since, well, the news sucks. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about the latest sexual misconduct accusations that are now being levied against everyone you can think of. Even Charlie Rose is being accused of some ridiculous and outrageous behavior.

But there is a decent article about the number of older millennials who are still living at home or with relatives. Most commentators would use the story to complain about the younger generation, their lack of ambition, sense of entitlement or some other negative connotation.

Instead, I’d like to use it as a teachable moment shed some light on why it’s happening and what can be done to ensure you get a job and keep a job regardless of how old you are.

The truth is, today’s youth is no different than when I was growing up. People made the same claims about the Gen X’ers as they do about millennials today. It’s just human nature.

So enjoy your holiday. I’m off the rest of the week. See you Monday!!


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