678: What the Flynn Guilty Plea REALLY Means

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I’m so sick the media not doing its job.

First, they spend most of their time covering news that doesn’t matter like the mountain of sex scandals that make headlines every day.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t cover that stuff; it’s news for crying out loud. But we don’t need wall to wall coverage and discussion of it.

Then when an important story like the Flynn Guilty Plea is announced the media chooses to sensationalize or outright distort the truth. The facts don’t matter, just the soundbites.

I started my show in 2015 because I was tired of the narrative in America. I wanted to bring the truth back into view and stop the political pandering I heard on TV and talk radio.

Next year this show is going to hit a new level. I’m close to announcing what’s to come and I appreciate every one of you who’s remained a fan of the show while I was away shooting a TV show for History Channel.

Today I’ll do my best to shed some light on the news and explain what the Flynn Plea really means.


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