679: Can You Charge the President With Obstruction of Justice?

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It’s an interesting legal question. The president is in charge of the Justice Department, and the FBI falls under that department. So, can the president be charged with obstructing justice when he has the authority to decide what will be investigated and what won’t AND had the right to remove the heads of those departments for not following his instructions?

I’ll let you listen to today’s episode to find out my answer. 🙂

CVS Pharmacy has announced a deal to buy Aetna for $69 billion dollars in a move that will likely bring better healthcare services, lower prices and reduced insurance costs to millions. So why would anyone be against a deal like this? One word…ignorance.

The theory is it creates an unfair advantage for CVS which will no doubt achieve its goal of better service at a lower price. This is bad thing apparently IF it happens to the detriment of competition.

I’ll explain why they’re wrong and I’m right on the show today.

Finally, more evidence China is heading toward the biggest real estate collapse the world has ever seen. Get ready to have your mind blown.

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