705: Private Policing, Jay Powell, and Congressional Gridlock

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Oh yeah, plenty to talk about today. Jay Powell was just sworn in as the new FED chair and boy did he have some nice things to say about the federal reserve. Apparently, the economy is healthy, and it’s all because of the FED’s tireless work.

We’ve talked about private policing before, but they’re trying a version of it in the UK with great success. It turns out the private sector can do things better than the government can even when it comes to solving murders.

Finally, it looks like we’re headed for another showdown over the budget. The US Treasury says we have enough money to pay our bills through the 28th of February. After that, we hit the debt ceiling and will have to start making cuts to keep things running.

This is why everyone hates politicians. They spend their days focused on things they’ve got no business dealing with and fail to do any of the work they’re constitutionally mandated to do. SHAMEFUL!!


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