792: A Three State California is Now a Possibility

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Yes I know it’s still a long shot but the question is now before the voters. If Californians decide in favor of the proposal it will start a long and contentious battle to split up the state.

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete against the sex of their choosing? There are a lot of people who say yes. I think you can look at it one of two ways. You can either segregate the sexes allowing for more equal competition and thus entertaining competition or you can put everyone together and let the best person win.

Both have their advantages but what I don’t think you can do is let men compete in a segregated contest against women no matter what sex they identify with.

Finally, 50% of millennials think they will end up millionaires. Statistically, we know only about 3-5% of them will ever achieve that goal so is it a good thing or a bad thing for them to have such unreasonable expectations?

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