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16 Mar, 2018

734: My Talk with the Motor Madhouse

By | 2018-03-16T10:20:58+00:00 March 16th, 2018|

Well, today's my birthday. I've decided I'm taking the day off and enjoying a beautiful southern California day. But I don't want to leave you without a show... So I decided I'd let you hear a recent interview I gave to the boys over at Motor Madhouse. It's a [...]

15 Mar, 2018

733: Positive vs. Negative Rights

By | 2018-03-15T16:22:04+00:00 March 15th, 2018|

I had a lot of questions on Twitter after our short conversation about rights. I've been doing this so long that sometimes I forget we have people who are new to the idea of positive and negative rights, and so I thought it would be a good idea to [...]

12 Mar, 2018

730: Supreme Court Power -Where does it End?

By | 2018-03-12T16:54:38+00:00 March 12th, 2018|

A few days ago I talked about the Justice Departments decision to sue the state of California over its decision to protect illegal immigrants from deportation by passing a law preventing companies from voluntarily helping ICE. Now, setting aside my distaste for a law which prevents voluntary association California [...]

9 Mar, 2018

729: Jason Goes On A Rant

By | 2018-03-09T17:54:49+00:00 March 9th, 2018|

Yeah, it's just me in the studio today, and I was running late from the jump this morning trying to get things squared away for my business. I ended up running into a little snafu with my bank. I'll explain on the show today. From there we'll move over [...]

8 Mar, 2018

728: Trump is a Dog, Koch is a Hero

By | 2018-03-08T17:27:14+00:00 March 8th, 2018|

Before we get to the news... Big thank you to everyone who's supported the show by joining the membership program. For those in the $10 or higher range, we'll be holding our first live stream the Friday! If you'd like to join you can go to http://www.patreon.com/thejsp Now to [...]

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