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Election 2020: Good Marketing vs Bad Marketing

Join my private FB group! The Democratic field has some messaging problems and that includes Mayor Bloomberg who just entered the race.  You would think they would have hired better PR people who understood the basics of influence & persuasion. The good news is, you’ll understand it after today’s show.  Jason

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The Episode That Reduced Grown Men to Tears

Join my private FB group! Because we’re entering the holiday season, I asked you guys on Monday to send us an email & tell us about all the great things that happened to you in 2019. My reasons were twofold: 1) We live in a world where fear & negativity constantly surround us, so I…

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The Power of Incentive: Government As An Engineering Problem

Join my private FB group! The nature of government creates an incentive for corruption in politicians & corporations. So we spend a lot of time talking about alternatives to the state. But the truth is, we have the government we have because the market continues to demand a powerful central authority. And the market will…

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