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968: Here’s Why the Oil Tanker Explosion is a False Flag

Join my private FB group! I have a long setup leading into our discussion today about America’s claim that Iran attacked two oil tankers yesterday. It’s like our government isn’t even trying anymore. Until now they at least made the false claims of WMDs & gas attacks somewhat believable. You are being manipulated. It’s time…

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967: Jon Stewart is Dead Wrong

Join my private FB group! Jon Stewart went viral yesterday as he passionately begged Congress to permanently authorize the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. He’s a good man and I was really touched by his appeal, but unfortunately, he’s wrong. The victims who desperately need help are being held hostage by politicians pursuing their own ends,…

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966: How to Get the Money

 Join my private FB group! A lot of people don’t like talking about money. They think it’s a taboo subject. I don’t. The number of homeless in America today is rising and I think a big part of it is the fact that nobody is willing to have hard conversations about wealth. How to…

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