How to Become a Benevolent Cult Leader

Jason Stapleton
Scottsdale, AZ
Friday, 10:32 a.m.

Hello again my friend,

Dan Kennedy, the legendary direct response copywriter and coach to some of the biggest internet marketers on earth once said,

“We’re all just walking around with our umbilical cord hanging out, looking for someplace to plug it in.”

He was talking about a human’s natural desire to abdicate responsibility. To have others make most of our decisions.

As shocking as it sounds, the human brain doesn’t like to think. It burns too many calories. Instead, our brain creates shortcuts allowing us to do most things on autopilot.

When we can’t create a shortcut we do the next best thing. We find someone we think we can trust and accept what they say as gospel.

Anything to keep from objectively looking for the truth.

The Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

In 1997, Nathan Zohner wrote a paper for his science class titled, “How Gullible Are We?”

The paper shared important information about Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO for short).

America has shockingly high levels of DHMO in every lake, river, and reservoir within our borders.

Its accidental ingestion causes the death of thousands of Americans each year. Especially children.

It’s the main component of acid rain.

It accelerates the corrosion and rusting of most metals.

It can cause electrical failures and car brakes to malfunction.

For those addicted to DHMO, total withdrawal can lead to death.

But it gets worse…

DHMO is found in everything from household cleaners to junk food. We are literally surrounded by the dangers of DHMO every day.

Nathan circulated his findings amongst his classmates and asked them what should be done about DHMO.

86% of them voted to ban DHMO immediately.

Now remember, this paper was titled, “How Gullible Are We?” And it was circulated among a group of science students.

You would think the title would cause some suspicion. Or if the other students weren’t familiar with DHMO, they might do some research themselves before voting to ban it outright.

None did.

So what is Dihydrogen Monoxide? Let’s break it down. (Lucky for me my kids went to a fancy school that taught them Latin. So I had some help.)

‘Di’ means two. So Di-Hydrogen means two hydrogen atoms. And ‘mono’ in Monoxide means one. So one oxygen atom.

You might know Dihydrogen Monoxide by its more common name. H2O.

Nathan’s classmates voted to ban water.

We’re All a Bunch of Gullible Rubes

You might think you’re different. That you would never fall for a trick like DHMO. Me too.

I’d love to believe I wasn’t subject to the same influence techniques I teach my clients every day. But I am.

Here’s the moral of our story today…

Your prospects are looking for solutions to their problems.

The problems are usually complex, but they don’t want complex answers. They want a simple answer to a complex problem.

The more Clarity and Certainty you provide to your prospect the more likely they are to see you as an authority figure they can trust.

Once that trust is established, most of your prospects will assume what you tell them is true. Whether it is or not.

That’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. It means you must hold yourself to a high moral standard.

You must assume the role of a leader to your followers, along with all the responsibility that comes with it.

If you’re willing to be a leader of the highest moral order then I want to share some things you can do to increase the influence and control you have over your followers.

Here’s How to Be a Benevolent Cult Leader

Here are 5 ways to improve your influence and the blind obedience to your benevolent will. 😁

1. Give specific answers to questions Nobody likes to hear a phrase like, “It depends.” That requires thinking.

A benevolent cult leader always has a specific answer. A correct way of doing something. A ‘right’ way of thinking.

The clearer you answer a question, the more influence you’ll have over your tribe.

2. Speak in Absolutes Right and wrong. Black and white. Yes or no. The ability to speak in absolutes is essential to you having a high level of control over your followers.

If you look at the leaders of any great movement you’ll find they all use absolute language.

Words like mustneveralwaysonlyevery, and none are all examples of absolute language.

Remember. The person with the most clarity and certainty wins. So speak in absolutes whenever possible.

3. Have a Core Set of Beliefs No cult leader can hold a tribe together without a core set of beliefs.

In business, we call it a mission statement or a guiding philosophy. It’s all the same thing.

By having a core set of beliefs you create exclusivity. In order to join the cult, members must agree with the way you see the world. Which helps with the next step.

4. Have a Plan Benevolent cult leaders all have a plan. A vision for the future.

This plan is often framed as being more important than the individual or even the cult itself. This can give your followers a sense of having a higher purpose.

Cult leaders talk about the plan constantly. They require their followers to accept the plan and take whatever steps are necessary to see it through.

5. Rights and Rituals – No cult would be complete without rights and rituals.

In a real cult, this might mean sticking to a strange diet or doing yoga 5 times a day. But it could be something far less oppressive.

Asking your followers to journal every day is one way you can create a ritual among your tribe.

When Dan Kennedy was in the MLM business he would ask his downline to do some crazy stuff like:

  • Only write with a green pen. (The color of money)
  • Back into all parking spots. (We always want to start out going forward)
  • Start each day with a fresh $100 bill in your pocket. (If you have money in your pocket you feel wealthier and wealthy people think and act differently than poor people)

I don’t know if any of that rationale has an ounce of truth to it. But I know every time his followers backed into a parking spot or wrote a note with their green pen, they thought of Dan.

And every time they did what Dan asked his influence over them deepened.

Here’s What to Do Next

Write out the 5 influence techniques listed above. Then go through them step-by-step listing as many ways as you can to increase your influence and control over your followers.

Again, I’m assuming you’re going to use your newfound power to do good for others.

The alternative might be some short-term profits, but in the long run, it will destroy the trust and credibility you have with your followers.

Have a great week,



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