Bolton Drops Bombshell In Shameless Self-Promotion

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First things first. If you’re on Twitter, you probably saw yesterday that I stirred up some controversy with my tweets about Kobe Bryant. Nobody understood what I was saying, so I clarified my position on the show today.

Kobe’s tragic death was the big news of the weekend, but today everyone was abuzz about the release of a new book.

You see, the DC Beltway in the post-Russiagate world is a land of unprecedented levels of shameless grifting. American politics has always been a honeypot for con men. But when they realized they’re sitting upon an immense cash cow, everyone lined up to cash in.

And the next man up is former National Security Advisor and perpetual warmonger John Bolton.

The Mustache is FINALLY releasing his new memoir, awkwardly titled The Room Where It Happened. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve DEFINITELY been waiting anxiously to hear what John Bolton has to say about Trump’s Ukraine call!


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