How to Create Quick “Cash Pops” in Your Business Each Month

Hello again my friend, 

It’s good to be behind my keyboard this morning. 

As crazy as it sounds, I have grown to love writing these letters to you. That’s a big deal coming from a guy who can’t spell and can barely read. 

But now that I’m 100 letters in I’m starting to get a feel for this writing thing. Hopefully you’ve seen an improvement.

If not just know I’ll continue to work at it until my prose are on par with anything else you might read.

Now let’s talk a little about timing…

Timing is Everything

Whether we’re talking about life, business, health or relationships timing is perhaps the most important determinant of success.

What to end up rich? Start saving early. 

Would you like to be healthy and active into your 90’s? You need to eat right and exercise before disease sets in. 

Want a steady stream of new customers beating down your door, money in hand, begging to do business with you? 
Then you need to present the right message to them at the right time. 

Last year, right after the pandemic, I launched my Knowledge Revolution course to help those who were out of work build a knowledge business in 30 days. 

I priced the course at just $197, putting it within reach of anyone who really wanted it. 

That campaign did over $100,000 in sales. 

It worked well because I did something every business owner must do when promoting any product or service.

Enter the Conversation They are Already Having in Their Heads

Had I made that same offer on a random Tuesday in February 2020 it wouldn’t have been nearly as effective. 

It worked because it tapped into the fear, greed, and deep desires of my audience at the exact moment it was most important to them. 

It’s one of the reasons money respects speed so much. Had I waited a month or two before putting the program together the results would have been quite different. That’s the power of timing.

How to Harness the Power of Timing in your Marketing

I can hear some readers saying, “Yeah Jason, I get it. You made a bunch of money after the pandemic hit. But I need to make money today. I can’t just wait around for the next global crisis.”

You’re right. You can’t just wait around. The good news is, there are opportunities each month for you to enter the conversation happing in your customers minds right now. 

I’ll be giving you a real world example of this later today. 

I only offer discounts on my courses twice a year. Once at Christmas and the other time is, well…you’ll have to read my email later today to find out. 🙂

If you need a quick cash infusion for your business try looking at events happing right now and see if there’s a way you can structure your offer to relevant right now.

For members of our Nomad Network I have a video training that explains how to do this and…

…there’s a PDF that lists at least two events each month you can use for a quick pop of cash when your company needs it. 

If you’re not a Network member yet, shame on you. Go here now to join:

For the rest of you, be on the lookout for my email later today for one of the biggest sales I do all year. 

Talk soon,


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