Are You an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner?

Hello again my friend,

There are really two types of self-employed people. Business owners and entrepreneurs. Let’s look at both.

Tom is a business owner. He owns a local printing shop. He runs a good business, does good work and makes a decent income.

Each morning he arrives promptly at 8am to unlock the doors and turn on the lights. Then, at exactly 9am he walks to the front door, unlocks the deadbolt and turns the sign from “closed” to “open”. 

Tom has created some freedom and autonomy in his life but he doesn’t have much aspiration beyond doing the work of a printer.

Rick is an entrepreneur who also owns a printing shop in a major metropolitan city nearby. A few years ago Rick hired a CEO an COO to run the daily operations of his print shop so he could focus on expanding his business nation wide. 

Today he owns several printing locations and he sells his printing services in all 50 states. He’s created systems that make it easy for him to manage his growing empire. His next step is franchising his model to aspiring business owners. 

True entrepreneurship isn’t about being your own boss. It’s not about doing the same work you used to do for an employer. Entrepreneurs create systems and frameworks that allow them to hire good people and manage an operation. 

For many of us, our website is the digital location of our business. But your website should be more than that. It should be a system that works for you, making it easier for you to focus on the most important part of entrepreneurship, GROWTH. 

As you know I recently did a complete overhaul of my website to turn it into a high-converting, money making machine. 

Next week I’ll be holding a special, one-time-only event with my web developer Nate Kruska. At that event we’ll be pulling back the curtain to show you exactly what we did (and what you can do) to build a first class, high-converting website.

Here’s the link to join:

We haven’t done an update this big in over 3 years so an event like this doesn’t come along very often. Make sure you mark your calendar and attend live. We’ll be doing a big Q&A at the end. 

Talk soon,


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