Forget Bernie & Warren, Nobody Watched Anyway

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It’s election season!

Yet another Democratic primary debate. Yet another round of losers outdoing each other to see who can bankrupt America the fastest.

Make up a problem in our society, and I guarantee Bernie Sanders has a government program to “solve” it!

In fact, his latest scheme might be his most laughable. He recognizes that his Medicare-for-All scam would eliminate millions of insurance jobs. Not to worry! He’ll just create a government re-education program to train them in new industries.

Of course, we’re the ones who are going to pick up the tab for it.

That’s right: the man who has never generated a single thing of value in his life thinks he has the right to outlaw private health insurance, plunder us to pay for Medicare-for-All, and then plunder us even further to pay for retraining everyone he just put out of work.

All of these elected professional crooks know one thing very well: money is power. As long as they can invent enough schemes to separate you from your money, they can keep themselves in power over you.

It’s up to you to make yourself so valuable that nothing they can do can touch your ability to generate money for yourself.


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