The Episode That Reduced Grown Men to Tears

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Because we’re entering the holiday season, I asked you guys on Monday to send us an email & tell us about all the great things that happened to you in 2019.

My reasons were twofold:

1) We live in a world where fear & negativity constantly surround us, so I believe we need to hear about all the GOOD things that are happening in people’s lives

2) Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and we meaningfully improve the world around us when we take the time to write down the things we’re grateful for and then share them with someone else

Well, the response from you guys was overwhelming. Your stories blew away our entire team. On today’s show, I only had time to read a fraction of them.

But I dare you not to cry. And above all, I challenge you to be inspired to take action in your own life.



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