There’s a book you should read.

It’s called “The One Sentence Persuasion Course” by Blair Warren. It’s 36 pages long and you can pick up the kindle version for $3.99.

In the book Blair says,

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

If you attended my Communication & Branding Workshop you’ve likely heard me make that statement more than once.

By the way you can get the recordings of that workshop here:

If you market or sell anything (including yourself) it’s a ‘must-have’ training.

Essentially what Blair is saying is, “When you make someone feel good about themselves they will lay down in traffic for you.”

It’s not a hard concept to grasp but I bet you didn’t know WHY this is so powerful.

It has to do with a set of subconscious needs or “Hidden Addictions” we all have.

This list is universal and without exception.

1. People need to feel needed.

We all need to feel like we have value. We need to feel as though someone on this planet cares we exist.

One of the most common reasons for suicide is the false belief that no one will miss you (or even realize) you’re gone.

2. People need a scapegoat

We love to talk about personal responsibility but our subconscious HATES it.

We are always looking for someone to blame our problems on. If someone does a good job of convincing us it’s not our fault we’ll love them forever.

3. People need to be right

This goes right along with number two and its a result of our need for consistency.

All humans want to be seen as consistent. If your friend hates anchovies today they should hate them tomorrow as well.

Can you imagine having a friend who was never consistent? I imagine you’ve had a friend like that before and if you’re still friends I bet they drive you nuts!

Consistency means predictability. Our subconscious interprets predicability as “safe” and our reptilian brains love safety.

If you take a position like “Bieden is a socialist wacko”, you will seek out information that validates your opinion.

It’s not that you’re an ego maniac. It’s just your need to be seen as consistent.

4. People need to feel a sense of power

If we have a need to be right and a need to be needed then it stands to reason that each of us would seek more power.

Power simply means other people need you. If others are dependent on you then you have power over them.

Conversely, if you are completely self-reliant then no one has power over you.

Give someone a sense of power and they will follow you to the ends of the earth.


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