How the Fed Plans to Wipe Out Your Savings

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Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won the UK elections with a huge majority.

Voters have again given a one-finger salute to the narratives of urban elites. This, in spite of a mass media campaign to discredit Boris in all the usual ways. Looks like Brexit is going to happen.

That’s the story everyone is talking about. So we talked about it briefly. But the most noteworthy news happened here in the US. And you probably haven’t heard about it.

Today, the Fed announced that they will be printing almost HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 30 days.

What are they trying to tell us (or not tell us, in this case)? It’s anyone’s guess. But I can guarantee it’s not going to be good for your savings account.

I’ll break it down for you on today’s show.



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