How To Be More Disciplined As An Entrepreneur

How To Be More Disciplined

Discipline is a word that gets thrown around a lot in my world.

Freedom to use your days however you like is great, but it comes with limitations. Like having to work.

If you’re not independently wealthy, (which I am not) or have a sugar momma, (which I don’t) then work is an essential part of life.

Yes, I get to choose my work, when I work and where – but I can’t choose NOT to work.

And that creates a situation unique to entrepreneurs and solo business owners.

How do you stay disciplined when there’s no one holding you accountable?

Most people have a boss or coworkers who rely on them. If you don’t have that it’s easy to procrastinate.

Most people try to overcome their procrastination by “being more disciplined”. But here’s what you need to know about discipline.

Discipline Is A Myth

While I was in the Marines I spent a year in a sniper platoon. There were a lot of senior guys leaving the service at that time.

All the guys were in tip-top shape. I’m talking yoked dudes that could pop your head off your shoulders like a zit if they squeezed your neck hard enough.

But something funny happened. As the guys would leave the unit and go back to civilian life their discipline to stay in shape seemed to vanish.

“Did you hear about Andrews?”

“No, what?”

“Martin went to see him on leave. The dude put on 50 pounds.”

“No shit?!”

For a long time I wondered why that happened. The Marines were supposed to teach us discipline but it only seemed to work while they were in the service.

The truth is, none of us are disciplined. We’re all lazy, procrastinating dirtbags when it comes to stuff we don’t want to do.

So how do you motivate yourself to take action when you need to the most?

Discipline Is A Byproduct Of Having
Structure In Your Life

It’s the great catch-22 every entrepreneur faces. You leave your job to have the freedom to do whatever you want – But to have that freedom you have to impose a degree of control over your day.

Take this letter for example.

I write you a letter a day. That doesn’t happen by accident. I’ve organized my life to ensure it gets written.

Here’s a typical day for me:

Between 5-6 AM: Wake up (no alarm. I’m in bed by 9 PM every night to make sure I wake up naturally).

The first thing I do is start the coffee and drink 16 oz of water.

Next, I let the dog out. By the time the dog is done, the coffee is ready.

I go through social media and read my favorite newsletters that hit my inbox overnight.

6:50: Pour my wife a cup of coffee and take it to her in bed.

7 – 7:30 AM: Catch the news highlights on CBS while I drink my second cup of coffee.

7:30 – 9 AM: Write my letter to you.

9 AM – 12 PM: Focus block for content creation or client work.

12 – 1 PM: Walk the dog with my wife.

1 – 3 PM: Focus block for content creation or client work

3 – 4 PM: Administration and stuff that isn’t a priority but needs to get done.

4 – 5 PM: Hard break

5 – 6 PM: Coaching calls or other Live training.

I take breaks throughout the day. And occasionally I have client calls or meetings during my focus blocks. But over all that’s how every day goes.

I don’t have any more ‘discipline’ than anyone else. All I’ve done is create structure out of chaos.

That’s why all my buddies got fat when they left the service.

They didn’t lose their discipline. They lost their structure. And without any structure, the facade of discipline disappeared.

So if you’re struggling with discipline stop trying to improve and start creating more structure to your day.

This works just as well for part-time business owners as full-time.

When you’re done with your day job have a schedule for when, where and how long you’re going to work. And don’t forget to make a plan for WHAT you’ll be working on.

If you have a husband or wife, share that plan with them. Get them on board. What spouses hate is never knowing when you’re working and when you’re not.

If you’ll set the expectation and stick to it you’ll find life at home gets a whole lot better.

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