How to Create a Cult-Like Following so Loyal They Will Lay Down in Traffic and Defend You to the Death

Hello again my friend,

In yesterdays letter we discussed how to win the war for attention.

To summarize, if you want attention you need to claw your customers away from the distractions of 21st century social media onto a platform you control.

Not only will this allow you to discuss any subject you’d like (preventing censorship) but it also creates a captive audience for you.

Yes, I know they will probably be on twitter and Instagram as well but at least in your space you’ll have them and only them. The more compelling your platform, the more they feel at home, the more time they’ll spend with you.

In marketing-jargan we call this “creating space”.

I’ve done this with our Nomad Network and for a very limited time you can get an amazing deal. See here for the details –

Once you’ve created that space the next thing you must do is delcair yourself emporer.

Hopefully you don’t see that as a license to become Nero or Stalin and instead choose to model Marcus Aurelius or King Solomon but ultimately the choice is yours.

Simply by creating the space and being recognized as it’s creator will increase your authority and celebrity inside your small corner of the world but there are a few other things you can do to foster authority.

The first is to have a set of core beliefs that everyone must buy into. For me its the 3 pillars

  1. Constantly acquire rare and specialized skills.
  2. Control the source of your income through entrepreneurship and investment.
  3. Make your income mobile by focusing on business activities that can be done from anywhere.

If you don’t fundamentally believe that those three things are important then you’re not going to get much value out of our community.

From there I could easily expand on these pillars, creating rules for nearly every part of life.

  • What time you get up
  • When you sleep
  • What food is acceptable (successful people need to fuel their bodies properly)
  • What meetings you should attend (more on that in a minute)
  • Who you should be spending time with HINT: Its people who think and act like we do.)

As anyone who grew up in a strict religious home will tell you, these lists of do’s and don’ts can be endless.

Next you’re going to need to create some rites and rituals.

If you take a look at any successful organization, be it the Catholic Church or Mary Kay, one thing they all have in common is they try and get you to a meeting at least once a week.

When I was a kid we were in church three times a week. Once on Sunday morning, again on Sunday night and then Wednesday evening as well.

Our Nomad Network gets together every Wednesday evening to discuss both our wins and struggles. It’s a bonding experience that brings us together as a group.

Another thing you’ll see every successful group do is they will have a form of revival.

In the church this an actual revival but countries have versions of this. Here in America we celebrate July 4th as a nation.

Likewise every successful brand has its own version of this as well. Companies have weekend retreats, industry leaders hold large conferences, and guys like me hold in person mastermind group meetings for my best clients.

I could go into a lot more detail on rites and rituals here but this letter is getting a little long so let’s pick this up tomorrow.

Until then try to think of ways you can create rites and rituals for your followers.

Until tomorrow,


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