How to Create Your Own Opportunity

Hello again my friend,

Today is a big day for me. 

I’m being interviewed by one of the biggest podcasters on planet earth, John Lee Dumas. 

John owns a company called Podcasters Paradise and he wants to discuss my book “The Nomadic Wealth Formula.” 

John has tens of thousands of listeners per episode and all of them are either podcasters or entrepreneurs. It’s the kind of audience I dream of chatting with. 

If I do well on the interview it could mean thousands of new subscribers and millions in future revenue. 

If I do it wrong, none of those good things happen. 

So here’s the question you’re probably asking…

How do you ensure you capitalize
on every opportunity you’re given?

It might be a podcast, a chance to speak on stage or a random encounter with someone you really want to do business with. How do you get the most out of every opportunity you’re given?

Well you’re in luck. 

I’m currently working on a new seminar titled “Mastering the Art of Shameless Self-Promotion.” 

You can grab a ticket to the event here:

Today I want to share some of the broad points of that seminar so you can improve your self-promotion skills.

1. Be able to tell people what you do in one sentence. 

You’ll often hear it referred to as an elevator pitch but having a clear and simple way of explaining your business is critical. 

When being interviewed on a podcast or chatting at a dinner party, you don’t have time for a 45 minute presentation that goes into your backstory and finishes with your mission statement. 

You gotta get to the point. 

Here’s how I answer the “what do you do?” question.

“I help entrepreneurs build digital businesses 
that can be run from anywhere on earth.”

Is that all I do? No, I also teach trading and investing and I do high level consulting for seven figure businesses. But I pick the thing that will be most interesting to the largest number of people. 

It’s also the easiest to understand. 

Not many people understand the complexity of behavior engineering and influence marketing but everyone knows what an entrepreneur is and most of them understand the concept of an internet business. 

Being able to quickly articulate your value will cause people to either lean in or back away. If they back away that’s great! They aren’t interested in what you do and would never make a good client. 

But if they lean in and ask questions it could mean the start of a great business relationship. 

2. Have a plan for the encounter. 

Most of the people I’ve interviewed on my show did not come into the interview with a plan. They expected me to do all the heavy lifting. I’m fine doing that but only if I know where we’re going. 

Before I hit record on any interview I ask my guest, “Is there anything you’d like me to make sure I touch on? Anything you want to plug?”

Most of the time the answer is, “Uh, well, no…I guess maybe just my website.”

If you’d just been handed an opportunity to speak on stage to thousands of people would you walk onto that stage with no idea what you were going to say?

I hope not. 

And you shouldn’t show up at an interview unprepared either. 

I have five or six talking points for my interview with John this afternoon and I can promise you we’re going to hit those points whether he opens the door or not. 

Like a good politician I’m going to find a way to bend the question into something I want answer. 

If you don’t know how to do this don’t worry. I’m going to teach it to you at the self-promotion seminar later this month. 

3. Customize the experience for people who take action.

This is a big one. Most people send everyone to the same offer. Same squeeze page, same ethical bribe. 

Not me! Not for important interviews that could add six or seven figures to my bank statement. 
Instead I customize the experience. 

When the interview is over I’ll direct Johns listeners to a special page where they can get a free copy of my book and a couple of other bonuses. 

On that page will be a custom headline and video that speaks directly to Johns audience. 

That kind of customization can double, triple even quadruple your opt-in rate. And it only took an hour to build. 

These are a few simple ways to get maximum value from any promotional opportunity. They are things you can start implementing NOW. I hope you will.

And I hope you’ll join me later this month at the Shameless Self-Promotion seminar where I’ll expand on this and help you model these tactics in your life.

Talk soon,


P.S. They say you should always have a p.s. The prevailing wisdom says you should summarize the email with a few sentences just in case the reader scrolled straight to the bottom. 

But why would I reward someone who half-asses reading? Go read the letter. Then get your ticket to my Shameless Self-Promotion seminar here:

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