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Things are getting out of hand.

The major tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc) have acted more and more like gatekeepers lately. But yesterday, Google took things to another level.

NBC News–under pressure from an activist organization associated with the UK Labour Party–reported that Google had banned the so-called “far-right websites” Zero Hedge and the Federalist from its advertising platform.

But that wasn’t totally true. What really happened is Google warned both sites last week that they could be banned if they didn’t begin to curate “racist commenters” on their platform. When Zero Hedge failed to take action promptly enough, it was banned. But the Federalist hasn’t been banned yet.

Fake news strikes again!

However, there’s a bigger story here. Google has now established a new standard of corporate censorship. They are now holding companies directly financially accountable for content posted on their websites by commenters. Which is quite ironic given that Google owns YouTube, and YouTube comments are a uniquely infamous cesspool.

The major tech companies listed above disrupted the old gatekeepers. They stormed onto the scene nearly overnight, and they’ve now absorbed more power than just about any company in history. And they’re showing that they will use that power.

You need to know what’s happening. And you need to know how to handle it to ensure you aren’t caught in the crossfire.

That’s why you need to listen to this show.



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