New IG Report Proves Nobody Is Looking Out For You

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The DOJ IG finally released his report on his investigation into the Trump-Russia conspiracy. And predictably, everyone on all sides is taking a victory lap. None of them actually care about you.

Meanwhile, trucking giant Celadon will declare bankruptcy. When they do, they will strand 3,200 drivers on the road. 2019 has been a terrible year in the trucking industry. That was also entirely predictable.

Finally, Michelle Obama is defending her friendship with President George W. Bush. She claims we should focus on humanity rather than partisan differences. That’s convenient for her to say.

If you are waiting around for someone wealthy and powerful to save you and escort you into a better world, you will be disappointed. Lots of people will promise the moon to you. But nobody is going to save you.

Your wealth will determine your power and influence. And your power and influence will determine your freedom. It’s up to you to make the most of it.



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