Impeachment Theater Continues… And More Stuff You’ll Love :)

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When Donald Trump first announced his run for president way back in 2015, everyone laughed at the idea of a “reality TV show president.”

Well, now the joke’s on them. Because this whole impeachment charade is just a silly reality TV show, with dumber, older, uglier contestants.

We touched on it briefly on today’s show. Then we moved on to more interesting topics!

Have you heard about Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton? It tells us a lot about the state of the legal system. Plus, we pushed back against the recent hysteria about a Chinese flu pandemic.

Finally, we wrapped with a discussion about the American housing market.

The recession is coming. Most people are going to focus on everything they have to lose. But if your mind is right, there’s no better time to make yourself extremely wealthy than during a recession. You have to train yourself to know where to look. Once you do, you’ll see opportunities all around you.


Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist Quo



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