The Devilishly Simple Shift That Transforms Lifeless Sales Copy Into Pure Gold.

how to make dull writing interesting

Today I want to share a secret with you that will transform your writing from lifeless and dull to vibrant and dynamic.

It’s a simple shift in your writing style that you can start using today.

But before I tell you the secret, let me set the stage…

Most of our communication as entrepreneurs and copywriters is what I call ‘influential communication’.

We are trying to convince someone to THINK, BELIEVE or ACT the way we want.

You might want someone to believe you’re a nutrition expert…

So you write about the nutrients of different foods…

And healthy recipes to lower your cholesterol.

Or let’s imagine you’re like a client of mine who sells a special kind of footings for exterior decks.

Most of his writing is explaining the value of his product over his competitors.



Cost/benefit analysis…

All the stuff people need to make an informed buying decision.

There’s just one problem.

That kind of writing is sterile.

There’s no life or emotion in it. It reads like a journalist reporting on a crime scene.

“At approximately 3:23 AM police responded to the 100 block of Columbus and Main. Upon arriving they found two men fatally shot and lying in the street. The police have no suspects and are still trying to establish motive.”

See what I mean? Dull and lifeless.

And when you write like a reporter it comes out the same way.

“Our footings are made from 100% stainless steel so they won’t rot or rust. They can be installed in hours rather than days with half the labor as traditional footings.”

Don’t get me wrong…

There’s a time for this kind of writing…

At some point you have to give them the numbers.

But we can do it in a more interesting and dynamic way.

You see, people read for two reasons…

Information and experience.

Reports convey information. Stories create experience.

Reports transfer knowledge. Stories transport the reader, crossing the boundaries of time, space and imagination.

The writer Roy Peter Clark said it best in his book “Writing tools”…

“The report points us there. The story puts us there.”

Your job as an influential writer is to break free of the reporter mindset and embrace the storyteller mindset.

Like this…

“John Carson greeted me with a smile as I walked up the steps of his front porch. He was finally pulling the trigger on a new deck and had seen our flyer for Zero-Maintenance footings.

As we walked to the back of the house John explained that his home sat on a rock shelf and he was worried about digging into the deep stone. I explained how we drill our footing into the ground instead of digging, meaning less time and expense for him…..”

Se what I mean?

Both ways convey information…

But only one way puts the reader in the shoes of the buyer.

The reader can imagine himself as John…

He can envision what it will be like for you to come to his home and discuss his project.

Most importantly, you’re getting your prospect to imagine what it will be like to take action.

Give it a try.

It’ll take some practice but just keep reminding yourself…

Don’t report, tell the story.


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