In Economic ‘Survival‘ Only Hunting Skills Matter

In Economic ‘Survival‘ Only Hunting Skills Matter

I’m obsessed with the TV show ‘Alone’.

If you’re not familiar, it’s a show that takes 10 highly trained survivalists and drops them into the Canadian outback with only one objective – to survive longer than anyone else.

This weekend I was watching an episode with my wife when I had a revelation.

Not about surviving in the Canadian wilderness but about the correlation between surviving in the wild and surviving in dangerous economic times.

As you know I’m a HUGE believer in the idea that everyone should own a business. Even if it’s a small part-time business.

Until now I’ve mainly focused on one aspect of entrepreneurship…

Being able to spend your days doing work you love, surrounded by people you love and admire while being paid well for what you do.

That alone is a good enough reason to start…

But watching ‘Alone’ this weekend I was hit with a new perspective.

Survivalists come from all different walks of life. They also have a wide variety of skills that allow them to live off the land. Everything from shelter building to fire making to hunting and fishing.

Some survivalists know all about plants and berries. They can survive for months on tree roots and acorns. But if you watch the show long enough you realize something…

If you can’t hunt and fish you won’t survive.

I don’t care how good you are at shelter building or cooking tree moss. If you can’t hunt and fish your days are numbered.

So what does any of this have to do with starting a business?

I got an email from a podcast listener last week that said,

“…you can frame it any way you want but a part-time business is really just a second job.”

It makes sense at first. You’re creating a second stream of income for yourself. So why go to the trouble of starting a business when you can just get a second job?

Had I been asked that question a month ago I’d have said something about “unlimited upside” or “not trading time for dollars.” Both are great reasons to choose a business over a second job.

But today I have a different answer.

The reason you should start a business today is because it forces you to learn how to hunt.

You see, every skill in our economy is secondary to marketing and sales. No one at your company eats until someone sells something.

You might be great at data entry but if nobody sells anything you’ve got no data to input.

You could be the best project manager in the industry. But if nobody sells the project, you’ve got nothing to work on.

If you don’t know how to market and sell your skills to a customer you’ll always be dependent on someone who does.

Entrepreneurship teaches you those critical skills. It’s why I say, “It doesn’t matter what industry you think you’re in, you’re in the marketing and sales business.”

None of your skills matter if you don’t know how to find someone who needs them and can convince them that you’re the right person to hire.

Without those skills, you’re like a survivalist who can’t hunt. You’ll never make it on your own.

But the great thing about learning to ‘hunt’ as an entrepreneur is that, unlike hunting in the wild, you don’t have to hurt anyone to feed yourself.

For the first time in human history capitalism has made it possible for you to get rich helping other people.

You’re not hunting for prey. You’re hunting for a person who has a problem you can solve.

It’s a liberating feeling. Knowing you’re capable of providing for yourself. Knowing you can be dropped anywhere on earth and you have the skills to thrive – regardless of the economic circumstances.

If you’re ready to learn how to hunt then my Leverage Coaching Program is right for you. I created it specifically to teach you skills like marketing, branding and sales so you can learn how to survive on your own.

Hundreds of people have already become members. Now it’s your turn.

And to make joining a no-brainer I’m going to give you your first month for just $1.

That’s 100% unrestricted access to all training and our entire community of entrepreneurs. Are you ready?

Yes, Jason! I want full access to Leverage for just $1.

This is shaping up to be the best of times (for some) and the worst of times (for others). Make sure you’re doing what you need to do to ensure it’s nothing but good times for you and the people who rely on you.


The Entrepreneurial Minimalist

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