Income Inequality Explained (for Stupid People)

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We used to hear the term “income inequality” all the time. Now we haven’t heard it in a while.

That’s because the corporate press has been too busy running cover for literal Marxist riot mobs. But there’s another good reason why they haven’t talked about it.

First of all, you have to understand that income inequality is totally unavoidable. Different people have different abilities, personalities, and desires. So they ultimately generate different incomes.

However, nothing makes them more unnaturally unequal than when the Fed prints trillions of dollars. Yet ever since the COVID shutdowns, that’s exactly what the Fed has been doing.

And now, both the president and various members of Congress are talking about the next “stimulus package.” Plus, the LA City Council just passed a $100 MILLION rent relief program.

Whenever politicians create “relief” and “stimulus” programs, they always talk about how they’re just looking out for the little guy. They act like everyone is just one check away from solving all their problems.

Unfortunately, being broke and being poor are two different things.

If you give money to broke people, they might use it to change their own lives. But if you just write a check to a poor person, you’ve likely enslaved them for life. It’s the old “give a man a fish vs teach him to fish” issue.

Right now, way too many Americans are poor. And each time that a government program just hands them some money, those people enslave themselves just a little bit more.

It’s this thing called “moral hazard.” And today we’ll explain it in such simple terms that even an idiot could understand it!



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