Most Investors are Fools

Hello again my friend,

It’s amazes me how many people turn their entire life savings over to someone else when it comes time to invest it. 

It seems the the pinnacle of foolishness. Who would take their retirement, every penny they’ve spent a lifetime saving, and hand it over to someone with no concept of what happens after?

It’s madness.

If you want long term financial security 
you need 3 Primary Skill

The first is the ability to attract money. I’m not talking about laying on your couch and visualizing checks coming in the mail. That’s some Rhonda Byrne, “Secret” bullshit. 

I’m talking about the ability to communicate your value and be paid handsomely for it. 

The second skill is the ability to keep your money. Most people wouldn’t classify that as a skill. Then again most people are broke. 

If you spend every penny you make you’ll never be able to master the third skill.

The ability to multiply your wealth through investment.

It’s shocking how many people will do a great job with the first two and completely ignore the third. Instead they invest blindly, either on their own or through a third party.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against you giving your money to a wealth manager. I object to you giving him that money blindly with no understanding of the way markets work.

The Bitcoin Example

I’ve been teaching traders and investors how to read markets for years. I am very good at it. I’m so good that often I’m able to predict exactly what a market will do BEFORE it happens.

Bitcoin is a great example. My trading clients an I have been anticipating a correction in bitcoin for the last couple of weeks and this week I discussed what’s likely to happen next. 

Here’s the video:

People mistake my ability to predict market moves as a kind of voodoo. After all, no one should be able to do that.

The truth is, there’s nothing special about what I do. I believe anyone can do it. But it requires you invest time to learn the skill. 

After you acquire the skill you can turn over the management of your investments to someone else if you’d like, but at least you know what they’re doing and can act quickly if they fail to see what you see.

Never forget…

Nobody cares as much about your money as you do.

Remember that when you’re thinking about putting your life savings in someone else’s hands. 

It’s one thing to make a large income. Building wealth requires a completely different skillset. 

The good news is, anyone can learn to do it. 

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