US Distracted By Iowa Caucus As China Burns 100 Bodies A Day

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In 2016, a Donald Trump-led populist uprising blindsided the GOP. And they lost control of their party because of it.

The DNC has no interest in letting Bernie Sanders do the same thing. In fact, they’d rather nominate a weaker candidate and lose the election than risk losing control of their party.

So it doesn’t matter how popular Bernie gets. They’ll do whatever they need to do to undermine him.

Democrat voters are getting yet another hard lesson on the reality of “democracy”: political parties only care about the will of the voters when it aligns with the plans of the donor class.

Meanwhile, as Americans focus on the chaos in Iowa, China is ramping up their fight against the coronavirus. The CCP has placed the entire city of Wuhan under quarantine. They built an entire hospital in a week, but local healthcare infrastructure is still overwhelmed.

This isn’t the type of response you get when you’re dealing with the flu. China knows more than they’re letting on.


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