Is it too Late for You to Start a Digital Business?

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Hello again my friend,

One common question that seems to persist in the digital business world is “Am I too late?”

When someone asks that question they are searching for context that can help them make a better decisions. 

In the last few weeks, I have talked about all the changes happening in the world of digital business.

You’ve got declining organic reach on social media, lead costs are climbing and…

…Apple is at war with big data companies like Facebook and Google. 

Very soon Apple may kill lead magnets all together. If they don’t kill them off entirely, you can guarantee lead costs will continue to climb.

Digital business has also become a mature market. Everyone knows what an online business is. When I used to tell people I “make money on the internet” they’d look at me funny. Today everyone wants in on the action. The market has become crowded and noisy.

Without a little context it might seem like you missed your chance to “get in on the ground floor.” Well, you know what I say to that? 


Allow me to provide a bit of context that will change your perspective. 

When I started my first digital business in 2009 most of my clients couldn’t stream in high definition. They had to download all my videos onto their computer before they could watch them. 

Google was destroying businesses overnight by changing the way it’s algorithm worked. Pay-per-click advertising had jumped from .25 -.30 cents per click to more than a dollar. 

Think about that for a minute. Imagine you’re buying traffic to your site and overnight the price jumps 400%!! Million dollar business went bankrupt overnight.

There was no custom audience targeting. Hell, there were a huge number of people who refused to enter their credit card information online. 

There were no drag and drop website builders. If you wanted a website you had to hire a coder. 

We didn’t have funnel builders like Clickfunnels. In fact, I’d estimate there were less than 1000 people in the world who understood what a “funnel” was. 

In 2010 only 36 cities in America had 4G. Live streaming anything was costly and time consuming.

We used to hold LIVE virtual events that cost us $10,000 per week. Today that same event might cost me $1000 in Zoom, or I could just stream it live to Youtube or Facebook. 

Social media still hadn’t caught on. In 2009 Facebook only had 150 million users. Today they have 2.8 billion.

Should I keep going? 

Is our industry changing? Yes! But it’s never stopped changing. 

We have new challenges to face but it’s nothing we can’t handle. In fact, we’ve entered into a golden era of digital entrepreneurship. 

The industry is old enough that people understand it. That means we don’t have to fight early adoption. Prices are falling as internet speeds increase. Soon we’ll have 5G nationwide giving us the chance to truly work from anywhere. 

There will never be a better time to get started than right now. And once you get a taste of really freedom you’ll never go back. 

If you’re ready, email me at and just type “I’m Ready!”

Talk soon, 


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