How to Manufacture Change in a World of Delusion

Hello again my friend, 

In his book “The Science of Storytelling”, Will Storr reminds us of something very important. 
We’re all delusional.

No, not the kind of delusion that has us looking over our shoulder because some secret government organization is chasing us. 

I’m talking about the kind of delusion that let’s us believe we stopped for coffee this morning because we needed the pick-me-up.

The kind of delusion that lets us believe we gave to charity because of our caring nature.

There’s an inner voice that talks to all of us,
but that’s not who’s running the show.

In reality, the person who makes the decisions and the person who explains it to the world don’t talk to each other. 

Like a financial news anchor who rationalized why the market dropped 300 points or the NASCAR announcer who explains what the driver is thinking as he barrels around the track. 

Your mind works the same way. 

We each have a kind of split personality. Our subconscious mind makes the decisions and our rational (conscious) mind explains why. 

And they don’t talk to each other. 

Its why behavior change is so difficult. We’d like to believe we understand why we gorge on ice cream at 10pm or why we put off balancing the books until the last minute. 

The truth is we don’t. We can’t.

Changing behavior requires 4 things

There are 4 steps to meaningful change in any area.

Make it easy, make it attractive, make it timely and make it social.

Over the next few letters I’m going to go into detail on each of these but for now, this is what I want you to remember.

We are all trying to influence others. For example, I’ve been trying to get you to register for my Shameless Self-Promotion Seminar for the past week. 

Here’s the link:

I’ve even thrown in a ridiculous bonus. When you buy your ticket to the event I’m giving you a second one to give away.

I’m doing this (or at least I believe I’m doing it) because it’s going to benefit for both of us. You get to learn some amazing strategies to ensure you never miss an opportunity to promote yourself or your business, while doing something nice for someone else…

…and I get to put a few bucks in my pocket for taking the time to teach you the subtle art of shameless self-promotion. 

Successful people are change makers. They change focus, perspective, actions and beliefs. 

I’ve often said, “We live in the greatest period in human history.”

I truly believe that’s true, in part, because we understand more about how we make decisions than we ever have.

The new field of behavioral science has emerged that’s challenging more than a hundred years of economic theory. 

For a guy who loves business, marketing and branding its a hell of a time to be alive. 

Even if you don’t love those things like I do it’s important you understand them because your success in life, business and your relationships depend on it. 

Talk soon,


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