How to Market Using Direct Mail in 2021 | A Case Study

marketing using direct mail case study

Today we’re going to look at a direct mail case study to learn how to market using direct mail.

Traditional “direct mail” is far from dead. In fact, with email and online marketing becoming more popular we get less and less direct mail in our mailboxes.

That means there’s less competition than ever to grab your audiences attention.

Today’s case study comes from Leo Hamel Fine Jewlers. Leo is a good friend of mine. He’s a very successful business owner, not to mention an incredible marketer.

Rather than write out all the amazing things Leo is doing I decided to sit down and recored a short ten minute video that explains everything.

Here’s the link to the Youtube video:

I’m surprised more people aren’t using direct mail as part of their advertising and promotional strategy. Even with the increased cost it is still and amazing revenue generator. Especially when targeting your existing customer base.

Take a look at this:

Direct mail marketing, median ROI by medium

excluding email, which is free, direct mail offers as good, if not better ROI than anything else.

That means direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach new and existing customers in 2021.

Check out the Case Study I did here.

All marketing distribution points fall in and out of favor. It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook was the odd child out. You could buy ads on Facebook for pennies. Then everyone piled on and prices soared.

Right now marketing through direct mail has fallen out of favor with many businesses. This creates an opportunity for an ambitious marketer who’s willing to learn how it’s done.

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