No, I Won’t Apologize, and Neither Should You

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Drew Brees and Mark Wahlberg learned a hard lesson this week.

Both men made the mistake of thinking social justice has anything to do with advocating for positive change in the world.

An interviewer asked Drew Brees about his thoughts on the NFL, the national anthem, and the Black Lives Matter protests. His response predictably got him canceled. In fact, his own teammates even joined in on the melee, telling him to sit down and shut up.

But that wasn’t his mistake (even if his answer was obvious outrage fodder). His mistake was apologizing.

The mob also rained down hell on Mark Wahlberg’s name after he made the least offensive tweet you’ll ever see. He thought he was spreading a message of love and unity, and he probably figured he’d get some bonus points from the woke mob.

However, he failed to realize that the mob doesn’t actually care about messages of love and unity. They only want submission, and they’ll destroy anyone in the way. Since Marky Mark committed “hate crimes” as a teenager, they canceled him as well.

So here’s what you need to realize: this “social justice” movement isn’t what it appears.

On the surface, it looks like a good thing; we need people who are willing to speak out against injustice and stand up for victimized people.

However, the people orchestrating the social justice movement are using it as a cover for a blatant power grab. And they’re fooling well-meaning people into fueling their movement.

We’re watching history repeat itself.

The same impulses that motivated the medieval Crusades and past witch hunts are running through a new secular religion. And you need to know how to handle it to make sure it doesn’t catch you with your pants down.



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