Not Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur

Not Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur

In 1900, half of all Americans were self-employed.

After WWII there was a boom in manufacturing and by 1977 the percentage of self-employed people dropped to just 7% as more men found high-paying jobs in factories.

Today the number has crept up to around 13%.

What is that important?

Because when I talk about entrepreneurship one of the biggest objections I get is, “Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, Jason.”

Now, there is some truth in that statement. Not EVERYONE can be an entrepreneur.

About 15-20% of the population has an IQ too low to own a business.

Another 5% don’t have the emotional maturity to handle the stress and anxiety that comes from owning a business.

For the rest of us, entrepreneurship isn’t just possible – it’s necessary if we want control over our time and attention.

That doesn’t mean you need to quit your job, cash in your 401k and go “all-in” on a business.

That would be stupid.

But what you must do is start building something today that has the potential to provide you with an income down the road.

The first step in that process is creating a list of people who are interested in the kind of solutions you can provide.

It could be knowledge that you share…

A product you have or are planning to create…

A service you offer or plan to offer…

Whatever it is you need to start assembling an email list of people who have a problem you know how to solve.

As I said in a previous letter, “The money is in the list.”

You don’t need to have anything to sell right now, but there’s nothing worse than having a great product or service and no list to market to.

If you don’t know how to get started building an email list then keep an eye out next week…

Because later this month I’ll be holding a special workshop called, “Tribe Building Secrets – How to Build and Grow an Email List of People Who Will Spend Money.”

You’ll learn:

  • How to pick a profitable niche to build a list around.

  • Where find people with money who want what you have.

  • What kind of offers work best.

  • Which traffic sources bring in the highest quality leads.

  • The software and other tech you need to run an email list.

  • The pros and cons of paid vs free list-building strategies.

  • How to create a low-ticket offer to offset your lead costs.

Everything you need to know about building an email list of prospects who have both the desire and ability to buy from you.

It’s going to be an eye-opening workshop you won’t want to miss.


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