24Feb, 2017

548: LA Cop Opens Fire: Justified Shoot or Overreaction?

February 24th, 2017|

Lots of discussion about policing today. Not because that's the way I intended it, it's just the way the show broke out. We start with the shooting in LA where (allegedly) an off-duty LA Police Officer put hands on a kid who was trespassing on his property. I struggle ensued, and the officer pulled his gun. The gun went off, an apparent accident and the crowd that had gathered dissipated. So was this an issue of a heavy handed on power hungry cop or is it a [...]

23Feb, 2017

547: Second Amendment Under Fire and the Lies Government Tells Us

February 23rd, 2017|

Whether we're talking about second amendment rights or the right to keep what we earn, the natural rights provided by "our creator" as well as those protected by the Constitution are under constant assault. Today we're going to look at several examples of the ways government lies to us, and why we must be ever vigilant when given, we hear these silver tongued foxes promise us the moon in exchange for our liberty. I have come to believe the greatest threat to our liberty is not a [...]

22Feb, 2017

546: Philly Learns an Important Lesson About Taxation.

February 22nd, 2017|

It never quite works out the government thinks it will. They THINK, if they just raise taxes, they can bring in more money. Need more money for schools? Just raise Taxes. Have a shortfall in your budget? Raise Taxes. Have a new infrastructure plan and need money to pay for it? Raise taxes. Now they don't always raise taxes. Sometimes they put you into debt by selling bonds, but no matter how you slice it, you end up taking it on the chin. It still amazes me [...]

21Feb, 2017

545: Why Milo Yiannopoulos is Wrong for Conservatism and Bad for the Liberty Movement

February 21st, 2017|

A lot of people have asked me why I've never had Milo on my show. I get emails from people offering to make the connection or suggesting I should reach out. It generally involves some disclaimer about how they "don't agree with everything he says" but how it would be "be a great interview and would get a lot of downloads." Let me state for the record that I love ratings and increasing my following is of primary concern as we work to build a bigger megaphone [...]

20Feb, 2017

544: Trump, Putin, and the Media. Who’s Telling the Truth?

February 20th, 2017|

Trump has lashed out at the media again, this time calling them "the enemy of the America people." The media has responded by suggesting this is a tactic used by dictators to silence a free press. John Mccain has weighed in on the issue even going as far as to criticize the president while giving a speech in Germany. Not directly mind you, but he did give a point-by-point takedown of the president's worldview calling it Nationalism. But how much credit should we give McCain? Fellow senators [...]

17Feb, 2017

543: Trump Press Conference Breakdown and His Ongoing Media War

February 17th, 2017|

I said yesterday that we were going to have some great clips of Trump's recent press conference and today I deliver. Trump claims he wants a "fair" and "honest" media. Is that true or does he simply want a sympathetic and supportive media? Our media has an important responsibility. The are another check again power. It's their job to help expose corruption and inform the citizenry of what's happening in their government. They should be skeptical and confrontational. The media and government are not friends. Their relationship [...]

16Feb, 2017

542: KrisAnne Hall Talks Supreme Court and Original Intent

February 16th, 2017|

With all the talk about executive orders, Supreme Court Nominees and judicial oversight I thought it would be a good idea to bring KrisAnne Hall back on the show to discuss the role of the judiciary, specifically the supreme court and it's intent under the constitution. Most of you know who KrisAnne is but if you don't you can check out her website and podcast here. http://krisannehall.com/ She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the subject of our constitution and the history of our [...]

15Feb, 2017

541: American Freedom and Healthcare on Life Support

February 15th, 2017|

We've fallen again. The Heritage Foundation now ranks America 17th on its list of 180 freest countries on earth. America is now less free than countries like Estonia and the UAE. Canada ranks 7th, a full ten countries above us. I'm disheartened every time I see these rankings come out. How can we still call ourselves the land of the free and home of the brave? We're not even brave enough to stand up to our own elected representatives. *** Tax season is here, and once again [...]

14Feb, 2017

540: Michael Flynn Resigns as Media Sharks Smell Blood in the Water

February 14th, 2017|

Once again the media has taken a non-story and turned it into a scandal. Here's the short of it. Flynn as committed no crime. He was cleared by the FBI of any potential issues as it relates to his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. He DID, however, tell the Vice President that he had not discussions regarding Russian sanctions, a statement that was later proved to be false. So, Flynn is guilty (at worst) of lying to the Vice President, and that assumes it was, in fact, [...]

13Feb, 2017

539: Jim Rogers Warns of Dire Economic Days to Come

February 13th, 2017|

"We're about to have the worst economic problems of a lifetime." Those are the words of famous commodities guru Jim Rogers. How bad is it going to get? "A lot of people will disappear." according to Jim. *** Congratulations! You paid more in taxes over the last three months than at any time in history! A record $7,133 per working American. You might think with all this big money being confiscated that the government is FINALLY running a surplus. But you'd be wrong. Our benevolent thieves in [...]

10Feb, 2017

538: Tyranny of the 9th Circuit

February 10th, 2017|

What happens when the law becomes nothing more than the decision of three judges in California? What happens when the law becomes nothing but the decision of one man in Washington D.C.? The answer is, liberty dies. That is what we face today. A president who rules by executive order and a court that supplements the law for its own political opinion. Today we're going to talk about the 9th Circuits decision and what it means for our liberties. *** I'm also going to discuss the call [...]

9Feb, 2017

537: Syrian Priest Speaks Out Against Media Lies

February 9th, 2017|

For more than a year now I've been telling you about what's happening in Syria. I've told you the truth about the role our government has played in the destruction of that nation and the attempted ousting of the democratically elected president. Now another voice is speaking out. A Christian Priest named Father Daniƫl Maes who lives in an ancient monastery about half a mile from Damascus. He says the story the media has been telling you about an organic uprising in Syria is a lie. He [...]

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