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18Jun, 2018

794: Trump’s New ‘Space Force’, Free Markets vs. Regulation and Advertising in the Digital Age

June 18th, 2018|

So much to talk about today. I'm excited! First, I had an interesting ride back from the airport last night. It was the first time I'd taken a cab in years. It should come as no surprise that the experience was less than satisfying. Then, wouldn't you know it, I see an article today talking about how terrible Uber and Lyft are and how they are destroying the once proud an noble profession of taxi cab driver. I want to set the story straight [...]

14Jun, 2018

793: What’s the Story You’re Telling Yourself That’s Holding You Back?

June 14th, 2018|

I'm traveling today so I thought I'd give you a taste of the new success podcast I'm thinking about starting. These are shorter episodes that deal with the hurdles and emotional struggles we deal with on our way to finding success in life, business, relationships, and fitness. My hope is that you will find inspiration in the ideas I put forward. If you like the show please let me know. I'm anxious to hear some feedback. Thanks, Jason

13Jun, 2018

792: A Three State California is Now a Possibility

June 13th, 2018|

Yes I know it's still a long shot but the question is now before the voters. If Californians decide in favor of the proposal it will start a long and contentious battle to split up the state. **** Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete against the sex of their choosing? There are a lot of people who say yes. I think you can look at it one of two ways. You can either segregate the sexes allowing for more equal competition and thus [...]

11Jun, 2018

790: Why Panera Failed at Charity

June 11th, 2018|

We are always talking about how private citizens and companies need to provide for the less fortunate. We disagree with the notion that the government has a responsibility to provide for the poor and the indigent. "Taxation is Theft!" we cry. But a recent experiment by Panera Bread to offer free food to anyone in need failed miserably. It was a concoction of capitalism and charity that was doomed from the beginning. The question is why? Today we'll dive into the specifics and I'll [...]

8Jun, 2018

789: The Bourdain Suicide, Bernanke Blames Trump and Connecticut Outlaws For Sale Signs

June 8th, 2018|

It's a crazy news day. Anthony Bourdain committed suicide last night which normally would not make my list of news stories but today is different. Being a Marine I know the effect mental illness has on people and I think we have all had a deep depression at some point. So I wanted to take a minute and share some insights from my own life that might inspire you to seek help if you're struggling. **** Ben Bernanke is now out telling everyone the [...]

7Jun, 2018

788: The Value Proposition

June 7th, 2018|

I'm still in Las Vegas. It's been great to get away for a few days and I just finished my presentation with my good friend Mark Green at the Real Estate Mastermind event at the Palms Casino. He and I spoke about inflation, interest rates, government shenanigans and how mortgage lenders need to change the way they do business if they want to survive and thrive as the industry changes. The truth is, all industries are changing...constantly. Your life is changing constantly. If you're [...]

6Jun, 2018

787: Jason Talks with Eric Brakey About His Run for US Senate

June 6th, 2018|

I'm in Vegas today. I'm giving a speech tomorrow with my good friend Mark Green about how to use Real Estate as a hedge against inflation. I'll be speaking to a large group of real estate professionals and I'm going to try to drop enough knowledge on them, with enough clarity so they can go home and better advise their customers and clients. This an exciting time and the weather here is a balmy 102. 🙂 Today I have Eric Brakey on the show. [...]

5Jun, 2018

786: Witness Tampering, the Eagles and a new “Constitutional Crisis” Every Day

June 5th, 2018|

So, Paul Manafort's problems just went from bad to worse. Apparently, he's been contacting witnesses in his case and attempting to clarify their memory regarding certain facts of the case. Paul's in real trouble here and it looks like he's going to be spending the balance of his life in prison when this is all over. What they really want is dirt on Trump and he'd probably roll over if he had any. There is the off chance that Trump may pardon Manafort as [...]

4Jun, 2018

785: Does the President Have the Power to Pardon Himself?

June 4th, 2018|

I'm not going to hold you in suspense. The answer is YES! Of course he does. But that doesn't mean he can act like a King. (Not unless we let him) Today we're going to do something the mainstream doesn't feel necessary; Read the constitution. **** The Supreme Court handed down a narrow ruling regarding the Christian baker and that cake he refused to bake. Turns out the baker has some rights. Unfortunately, SCOTUS failed to address the real issue which has nothing to [...]

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