Our World is Facing a Crisis of Wisdom

Our World is Facing a Crisis of Wisdom

Do you have memories of your great-grandparents?

My mother had me when she was 22. My grandmother had her at 18. So by the time I was 10 years old my my great-grandmother was still alive.

She lived in the same small town we did. Occasionally my mother would take my brother and I to visit her. It was boring. And it smelled funny. But she always had a freezer full of those “pushup pops”.

Do you remember those? Ice cream stuffed into a toilet paper roll with a plastic plunger on the end?

We got ours from the Schwan man who would come around every few weeks with a truck full of frozen food.

The first thing my grandmother would do when we got to her house was go to that freezer and pull out two orange sherbet pushup pops for us.

After that, we were left to fend for ourselves. To bathe in the kind of boredom that only happens to a ten-year-old forced to entertain himself in a house full of porcelain figurines and books about religion.

But tucked away in the spare bedroom closet was a bookshelf containing the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Now my younger readers won’t know what I’m talking about so let me explain…

Before the internet, there were only two primary places you could find information about the world.

The first was the public library. The second was the encyclopedia.

Door-to-door salesmen would come through the neighborhood selling them to unsuspecting homeowners who were sitting down to dinner.

The full Encyclopedia Britannica consisted of 33 books containing 2,350 pages.

My brother and I would sit in that spare bedroom and flip through those pages – looking at the pictures and learning about far-off places and ancient battles.

Over time the Britannica was replaced with the internet. A FAR more efficient and complete collection of the world’s knowledge.

Today our society is drowning in information. The amount of digital noise we face is unlike anything the world has ever known.

  • Dozens of TV news outlets run 24/7.
  • Users on sites like X generate 500 million posts a day.
  • Creators upload 1 hour of video content to YouTube every second!

It’s become impossible to keep up with the amount of new information we’re being served.

Most of that information can be classified as digital noise. Brands and Influencers have figured out that the best way to get noticed is to create more noise than anyone else.

Useless, time-wasting distractions that creators are trying to pawn off as “value”.

And while our world is drowning in low-grade information, it’s starving for wisdom.

While we’re more connected than ever, we still long for meaningful human interaction.

Unfortunately, AI is going to make finding wisdom and human connection harder than ever.

There are too many people who see AI as a shortcut to producing more low-grade content in an attempt to stand out.

Others will use AI to deceive their followers with deep fakes, voice replication, AI appointment setters and computer-generated books the creator will claim as their own.

Trust in the digital world will collapse at the exact moment humanity needs each other the most.

In the years to come it won’t be massive amounts of content that cause someone to rise above the digital noise.

It will be genuine people sharing truth and wisdom with Integrity.

Will you be that person? Or will you be one of the millions who try to shortcut a path to success by pretending the words, images and ideas of a machine are your own?

The choice is yours.

As for me. I choose truth and wisdom.


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