The Power of Infinite Thinking

Infinite thinking

Hello again my friend,

Are you familiar with the concept of “infinite games”?

I’ve been reading a lot about them over the last month. It’s a fascinating concept that makes total sense once you understand it.

Here’s the basic concept;

In life there are two kinds of games. Finite games like football and golf. And infinite games like parenting and politics.

In finite games the rules are constant. The goal of a finite game is to win. At the end of a finite game one person or group is declared the winner and the other side, the loser.

Finite games are easy to measure. Coaches and players are judged based on their performance over a game or a season. But infinite games are different.

Unlike finite games, the goal of an infinite game isn’t to win, but rather, to keep playing. In infinite games the rules can change if necessary in order to keep playing.

Nobody wins the game of parenting. There are also very few fixed rules good parents must follow to raise healthy children.

Life is an infinite game. It’s a game that only ends when we do. We play whether we want to or not. And inside the game of life is the game of business.

For some people, business is a finite game. Those who take a finite approach to business measure themselves by their quarterly performance.

They weigh themselves against “competitors” with the goal of “beating” them in the market.

Entrepreneurs with an infinite mindset look at business through a completely different lens.

They don’t see “competitors” they see worthy advisories who help push us toward a worthy ideal.

Over the past year I’ve been thinking a lot about our worthy ideal. What is the purpose of my life and business when viewed through the infinite lens?

The small team of people who make up our company all come from a libertarian background. We all believe that men and women should be free to pursue their own interests as long as they don’t prevent others from doing the same.

We believe it’s wrong to take from someone you feel has too much and give it to someone you feel has too little. (taxation)

But we also believe in charity. The responsibility of each person to give as much as they can, where they can.

We believe the best way to create freedom in our lifetime is by empowering men and women with the tools they need to build digital businesses. Businesses that allow them to control the source of their income while creating income mobility.

It’s a grand vision without a finish line. We are playing an infinite game that can’t be measured by a profit and loss statement.

Instead we will measure ourselves by the lives we can impact and the freedom we can help others create for themselves.

It’s not a pitch Wall Street would want to hear. But we don’t care. We’re not here to please investors.

We’re here to change the world.

If you’re ready to start creating real freedom in your life, your Journey begins on July 1st.

Click here for the details.

Talk soon,


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