Remove Complexity From Your Solo Business

Hello again my friend,

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You launch your business with a single product and the dream of turning it into something special. But before you know it you get overwhelmed with all the “stuff” you think you need to be doing.

  • Create Content for Social
  • Write the Newsletter
  • Record the Podcast
  • Script a Video for Youtube
  • Respond to emails
  • Finish the slide deck for a Webinar
  • Email list about said webinar…
  • The list can seem endless.

This week I want to simplify the entire marketing process for you so you can generate more leads and make more sales.

There are really only 2 core problems a business will have.

  1. Sales Problems: You’re struggling to find qualified prospects or convert them into buyers.
  2. Fulfillment Problems: You’re struggling to deliver your product or service.

Most solopreneurs and entrepreneurs struggle with getting leads and converting sales. So let’s discuss the 3 things you need to get more of both.


A landing page.

You need to have somewhere to direct people who want to know more about you and/or your product.

When your prospect becomes aware of you through your marketing, simply direct them to a page that offers them the chance to take the next step.

If you need a free page builder to create a landing page I recommend It’s the one I use to build all my sales funnel and landing pages.

The page doesn’t have to be complicated but the bigger the ask the better your sales copy needs to be.

Asking someone for an email address in exchange for a newsletter isn’t a costly tradeoff. We do it every day.

But if you’re asking them to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a course then your landing page is going to need more than just a few bullet points.

An Offer

Every landing page makes an offer. How well you communicate that offer will determine how many people take you up on it.

Here’s one of my offers that performs well.

I start with a clear headline that calls to the viewer’s pain or desire. 

Next, I use social proof to inform the viewer that over 12,000 people subscribe to the newsletter. (Fear of missing out on secret knowledge)

Finally, I have an image of what the letter looks like on the phone and offer links to previous letters so people can take a test drive before committing. (Removes fear of the unknown)

IMPORTANT: One offer per landing page. Your viewer shouldn’t be confused about what they’re supposed to do when they get to your landing page.


A CTA (Call to Action)

It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs do everything right and then forget to ask for the sale.  I’m not sure if it’s out of fear or if they just assume people will know what to do but,

Never assume.

Explain the benefits of taking action, then tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Once these three components are in place, you must focus on getting Attention. 

But gaining a huge following online without a process for converting eyeballs into leads and leads into sales is just vanity metrics. 

At the end of the day, the only number that matters is the number in your bank account.  So keep it simple. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything you THINK you need to be doing.

What’s really required is far less than you think.

Talk soon,


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