Revealed: My Simple (But Crazy Profitable) Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing strategy

If you’re not emailing your list regularly you’re losing money.

You don’t have to make it more complicated than that. If you want more money, make more offers.

But HOW you make those offers matters a lot. So today I want to show you how I get away with emailing my list every day and still have an open rate of 48.24%.

A Case For Emailing Every Day

You might not realize it but I email you at least 5 times a week. Sometimes multiple times a day. And in every single email I make an offer.

Some of the offers are direct and some are subtle, but they’re always there. Giving you the chance to take the next step and move from subscriber to client.

Despite this egregious violation of your inbox, you’re still here reading my emails.

And you’re not alone. Thousands of other people read them too. Open rates on my emails are almost 50%.

Here’s a snapshot from my Convertkit account.

And I don’t do this very often but this email strategy has been quite kind to my bank account as well.

I’m not telling you to start mailing offers to your list every day. I don’t know your business or your list. My goal is to show you that emailing every day can produce great results if you do it right.

So let’s talk about how you do it right.

How To Do Email Marketing The Right Way

The biggest misconception about email marketing is that if you mail every day you’re a spammer.

That would be true if all you did was send “buy my stuff” emails every day.

You know the ones I’m talking about. You buy one shirt from them and they hammer your inbox every other day with an email about a sale.

If you like the brand you might stay on their list but most of the emails you just delete without reading them.

You have no relationship with the company. You just love a discount.

Those kinds of emails are called “transaction-only” emails and they should be used sparingly.

Think of them like cayenne pepper. A little goes a long way.

Instead, most of your emails should be personality-driven emails.

Personality-driven emails fall into 4 categories.

  1. Bonding
  2. Teaching
  3. Selling
  4. Hybrid

Each one of them provides value to the reader while they get to know you better.

You can see how this works by looking at the last 5 emails I’ve sent you.

Here are the subject lines:

“The (Not So) Dark Art of Subconscious Selling” (Hybrid)

“My first business started from a laptop in Afghanistan” (Bonding)

“7 ways to build your brand using stories” (Teaching)

“I’ve been warning you about this for a year” (Hybrid)

“Here’s what “getting lucky” really looks like” (Bonding)

You’ll notice I rarely send a selling only email. Instead, I prefer to wrap any offer I have in a story that helps deepen the bond we have together.

Because selling my stuff is not my primary goal. My goal is to make sure you stay on my list and keep reading my emails. I want you to know me, like me and trust me. Because if you know, like and trust me you’ll buy from me.

Maybe not today, but someday. And that’s what matters.

The Big Problem For Most Entrepreneurs Is They Don’t Know Who They Are.

Here’s what I mean…

Can you list for me the top 5 things all your email content centers around?

Does your audience know what you believe? Do they know your perspective on life, business, money, politics, etc.?

What is your mission? The deeper reason behind what you sell?

What is the unique method you use to get your clients results? Do you have one? Does your audience know what it is?

That’s what an Authority Brand is. It’s a carefully crafted reputation that allows you to create a deep connection with your audience while positioning you as the only clear choice when they’re ready to spend money.

Over the last 10 years I’ve built 3, million dollar authority brands for myself and this Saturday (February 10th) I’m going to help you create one of your own.

Click here to attend the workshop.

During the half-day workshop you’ll learn my 8-point blueprint for creating an Authority Brand no matter what industry you’re in.

I’ll be personally walking you through each step of the process, giving you examples of how to find your voice and design a brand that’s unique for you.

You’ll also receive a set of templated documents you can use to continue refining your brand after the workshop.

When we’re done you’ll have an Authority Brand of your own to start marketing with.

Pretty cool right?!

Stop Selling And Start Making Offers

I don’t like selling. Like you, I’d prefer to make offers and have people lining up to give me money.

And for the most part that’s what happens.

But it doesn’t happen by accident. I’m not “lucky”. I’ve got a well-established brand that positions me as an expert in business and marketing. I have an Authority Brand.

You can’t start using personality-driven emails until you know what you want your reputation to be.

But once you have a clear Authority Brand laid out you can start using email the way I do. To make offers that turn into sales.

You can email your list every day, even multiple times a day and not only will your subscribers keep coming back for more, they’ll value the relationship you’ve built with them and spend more money with you.

To be continued…


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