Don’t Confuse Scammy Guru Marketing with Effective Self-Promotion

Hello again my friend,

This letter is a little long but well worth a read. 

If there’s one marketing sin you should never commit it’s this…

…Thou Shalt Not Be Boring. 

You can do just about everything else wrong but if you’re entertaining you’ll hold an audience and eventually someone will find what you’re saying intriguing enough to buy your product or service. 

With that said I think a lot of people marketing themselves online today are seeing what a bunch of obnoxious internet gurus on social media are doing and they think that’s what they need to be doing.

Don’t confuse scammy guru marketing 
with effective self-promotion.

You know the guys I’m talking about. The Dan Lok and Caleb Maddix’s of the wold. 

You see their ads everywhere. I can’t watch a Youtube video without see a preroll of these guys promising to show me how to make six event SEVEN figures a year! All in the next 12 months.

The vapid, useless advice and 90 minute webinars which consist mostly of them showing what to do but not how to do it are pointless at best and predatory at their worst. 

It’s enough to make you give up marketing forever.

Is it entertaining? Sure. Is it exciting? Of course. Does it prey on our deepest subconscious desires of greed and risk avoidance? Absolutely. 

But that’s not what effective self-promotion looks like. 

Don’t get me wrong if you’re selling to young, penniless 20 somethings who want easy money and fast cars then go right ahead and use all those bullshit, scammy tactics. You’ll probably do quite well. 

For everyone else I suggest you try something a little different. Novel even. 

Prove you’re worth investing in by actually helping them in your marketing.

Instead of talking AT your
potential customers try talking to them.

I did this yesterday while promoting my “Shameless Self-Promotion Seminar”.

Here’s the Youtube Link:

No flashy graphics, no empty promises. Just me, unscripted talking about a subject I’m truly passionate about.

This is Important

If you watch the video you will notice something important. I pitch the “Shameless Self-Promotion Seminar” in the video proving that you can actually make an offer without sounding like a scammer. 

When I got done with the video I went one step further and recorded a video breakdown for our Nomad Network where I walked through the video and showed them all the subtle but highly effective influence techniques I used in the video. 

Effective self-promotion does several things. 

1. It positions you as someone of authority on the topic you’re discussing.

2. It builds trust and likability with your audience. 

3. Is magnetic to the people who are likely to do business with you while repelling everyone else.

4. Helps facilitate a decision to move into your sales process.

Being able to communicate your value to the world
is critical to your success in any venture.

Getting a job, closing a sale, getting that promotion…

…if you can’t sell yourself what chance do you have succeeding at anything else? 

That doesn’t mean you have to be some over-the-top, flashy internet guru who follows people around the internet promising them the “keys to the kingdom”

Watch the youtube video I posted. Here’s the link again:  

See how self-promotion and a good offer should be presented and then model it in your business. 

Talk soon,


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