The Life-Changing Secret of the Blue Shirts

Today I want to tell you the secret of the blue shirts.

It’s a secret so powerful it can change the direction of your life in a single instant.

It can bring you unimaginable wealth and happiness…

Without you lifting a finger.

Ready? Okay, here it is…

Let’s imagine that you and I are sitting in church together tonight.

I say to you…

“Take a look around the sanctuary. Try to take in as much as you can, then close your eyes.”

You play along.

After you close your eyes I say, “Ok, how many blue shirts did you notice?”

You think for a moment and respond, “I’m not sure. I wasn’t looking for blue shirts. I was just looking around the room.”

“Exactly!” I replied.

When it came to finding blue shirts your eyes were open, yet you could not see.

So I ask you to look around again…

And this time you see blue shirts everywhere.

But why is this such a powerful secret for getting everything you want out of your life and business?

That’s easy…

Just substitute blue shirt for anything else in life you want.

Things like:

Dream job…

Amazing business opportunity…

Love of your life…

A new offer that will make you wealthy…

The chances of you stumbling across any of these by scanning the room of life are zero.

But when you set your focus on what you want you find opportunities everywhere.

In other words, intention facilitates perception.

Mathew 7:7 says “…seek and you shall find.”

There are some timeless truths in that good book…

whether you’re religious or not.

When you train your focus on what you want your mind works to find a way for you to have it.

But this secret has uses beyond mere self-improvement.

You can use it to shift the focus of anyone you want to influence.

The people who follow you are looking for a leader…

They are hoping to find someone who will tell them what to pay attention to…

Especially in a world of constant distraction.

So what do you want your followers to think, do and feel?

What do you want them focused on?

Think about that the next time you write an email or social media post…

Focus is the key to everything.


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