How Shameless Are You?

Happy Saturday my friend,

I hope you’re able to carve out some YOU time today.  But if not I got something I think you’re really gonna like.

It’s a virtual seminar I’m holding next month called “Mastering the art of Shameless Self-Promotion”

Here’s the link if you want all the details fast:

If not, give me 2 minutes and let me try to sell you on it. 🙂

There are 2 Main Influencers in Any Market

In any industry there are two primary factors that influence what people buy and how much they will pay.

The first influencer is the product itself. How big of a problem does it solve? How quickly can it solve the problem and how is it different/better than the other products that claim the same benefit?

These are the USP’s or “Unique Selling Propositions” They are the differentiators between your product/service and your competitors.

If you’ve created a truly unique product that can guarantee a better result than anything else or….

…you find yourself in the unlikely position of being the ONLY person with a solution to a high value problem then maybe this is enough.

But that’s not the case for 99% of us.

We work in established industries with lots of competition. If we’re not carful we end up commoditizing ourselves. We find ourselves in a “race to the bottom”, competing on price and wondering why our customers are all so cheap.

That’s where the second influencer comes in.

You Need Both if You Want to Succeed

The second influencer is you. That may sound funny at first but let me explain.

We are all passing through this world trying to make very difficult decisions using imperfect information and without fully trusting the people feeding us that information.

As a result, our default setting is skepticism. We are far more concerned with getting hurt than we are getting a great deal.

We are constantly asking, “How good is this decision likely to be and how badly could I get hurt?”

The less we trust someone the more likely we are to avoid doing business with them.

On the other hand, if we trust them (even a little) we will often pay a premium to work with them.

This is why one stylist get’s paid $20 for a cut and another makes $400.

It’s why one author will sell 1000 books on their own and 1,000,000 the second Oprah puts her book club sticker on it.

Who you are matters more than the quality of your product or the resources you have to market it.

Here’s the big take away

Knowing you matter more than your product, the big question is….

How do you confidently and ethically
promote yourself so you can build trust
and confidence with your potential buyers

How do you become so well known and popular in your industry people will pay 2X, 10X, even 100X more than your competitor who sells what is essentially the same product?

To do that you must become a Shameless Self-Promoter and that’s why you should attend my seminar next month.

And I know, nobody wants to be in the self-aggrandizement business but as you’ll see when you watch this video, if we want to stand out in a hyperconnected world it’s something we all must do.

Happy Saturday! Talk soon,


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