Killing Complexity: How to Focus on What Moves the Needle So You Can Achieve More In Less Time

Hello again my friend,

Overwhelm is a problem for everyone. 

If you’re new to business the learning curve is steep. You’re doing everything for the first time. It feels like everything takes forever, and it does.

If you’re a successful business owner you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to manage. From payroll to production, everything seems to need your attention, all the time. 

This quarter my company is embarking on an ambitious project to create a virtual academy for early-stage entrepreneurs who want to build a digital business.

It’s going to be the largest undertaking I’ve ever attempted and it’s going to test my ability to take someone from zero to paid in 6 months or less.

When you feel stressed just remember
we only do 3 things

As I was creating the first series of trainings for the new NOMAD Academy was reminded how simple our job really is. 

In any business there are really only 3 things that move the needle.

1. Creating Products for sale –I don’t care if you’re creating physical products, (like t-shirts or coffee tables) or digital products (like ebooks and courses) If you want to make money step one is to create a product that solves a pain or problem.

2. Sell Products – I’d include marketing in this as well. Once you have a product your primary mission in life is to find people who would benefit from what you’ve created and then convince them they need it.

3. Deliver on the Promise you made in your marketing – When you sold your product you made a promise to the buyer. Once they purchase your responsibility is to deliver on that promise.Those are the 3 things that move the needle. They are the activities that lead to growth. 

As an entrepreneur the bulk of your time should be spent on these three areas.

When you hire, you should hire people who either assist in these activities or who handle other aspects of your business (like payroll and HR) that distract you from growth activities. 

If you’ve got questions on this I’d love to help. 

The first step is joining the NOMAD Network and attending one of our weekly coaching sessions. 

It’s your time to ask questions about your business and get feedback from me, personally.

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